Crystallography, the science of Crystals represents the nature of a crystal and mostly their Atomic Structure, is very crucial for most of the practicing Scientists whose research work relates with materials and their structures. For example, Crystallography or, Crystal Structure is being utilized by Chemists to find and combined new substance mixes and to change its physical properties. Crystallography is utilized by the vast majority of the Pharmaceuticals and medication finding organizations to make helpful adjustments in drugs. Furthermore, Crystallography assists with inquiring about into how medications target proteins, the atoms that are basic for living beings to work appropriately. Materials Scientist relies upon Crystallography to concentrate new materials having numerous Industrial applications. Gems of Lithium niobate are utilized in the telecom markets. Crystallography is a logical control in its own privilege. Additionally, Crystallographers have their own global association and their own frameworks of Nomenclature and Notation. Crystallography can be found in all science perspectives like Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Materials science and Mathematics, just as in numerous businesses.